Tokens and Omens

Juvenile Fiction

Fantasy/ Adventure

Available: July 19 , 2016 | ISBN 9781631630828 | paperback | 284 pages | 5.5 in. x 8.25 in. | World (translation , media rights) | $16.99 US (trade paperback), $8.99 US (e-book)
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Tokens and Omens


by Jeri Baird

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In the world of sixteen-year-olds Zander and Alexa, Fate is a constant presence, handing out Tokens for good deeds and Omens for wrongdoings. Even with their unique magical gifts, Fate seems determined to stop them from completing their dangerous rite of passage—can they break the rules and cheat Fate?

In Puck's Gulch, sixteen-year-olds undergo a dangerous trial known as the Quest. During a time of magic, Fate hands out tokens and omens based on their behavior. The teens survive the quest only by earning the tokens that will counteract the potentially lethal omens.

Zander trusts Fate. Alexa only trusts herself. When Fate intervenes, they find they're both wrong. Now, Fate has given them each a special gift—Zander sees secrets he doesn’t want, and Alexa’s thrilled to find she can control events through her embroidery scenes.

After Zander and Alexa each earn a Black Panther omen that makes surviving the quest nearly impossible, they must break the rules and challenge Fate together. If they don't, one will die. And Fate has made it clear—she won't be cheated.


Winner of a 2017 PubWest Book Design Awards Gold Medal

“There is mystery, duplicity, and triumph... Any parent can give this book to their middle-school child and feel good about it. And it’s a great story to boot.” —5-Star Review from Charlayne Elizabeth Denney of the Paranormal Romance Guild

“With well-developed characters, refreshing magic elements, and believable world-building features, this book can stand alone.” —Teacher Librarian Magazine

“. . . engaging and enjoyable . . ." —MK French,

“As is fitting in a YA novel, there is a bit of romance, plenty of action, and some heart-tugging loss as well. Ultimately, the powerful theme of the story shines through: 'Your life has meaning. Your struggles have meaning.' Two thumbs up to author Jeri Baird in weaving together this delightful tale with its clever plot and enchanting characters.” —Cynthia Reeg, author of the Monster or Die series

“TOKENS AND OMENS is a story holding lessons about the dangers of envy, pride, anger, overindulgence, and greed. It handles the subjects of mistakes, forgiveness of self and others, and that strong bonds between friends don’t always begin that way. This story, where religion and fate work together, is fast paced from the beginning. As the author unravels mysteries throughout the story, she throws in surprising twists and turns that keep the reader guessing. TOKENS AND OMENS has a tense, yet satisfying, ending that leaves an open invitation to the next book in the series ...” —Elsie Park, author of Shadows of Valor

“TOKENS AND OMENS is a masterfully crafted tale exploring the decisions of Alexa and Zander as they enter a mystical time in their life, when fate manifests every deed, good or bad, as a protective token or a dangerous omen which they must face, before their fates are determined. ... The journey into Baird's alternate world feels as familiar and as it is foreign. You can't describe it—you just have to read it.” —Dan Allen, author of Fall of the Dragon Prince

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