Magical New Early Readers Series Introduces the Unicorns of Magic Moon Stables


SAINT PAUL, MN, August 22, 2019 – Jolly Fish Press, an imprint of North Star Editions, Inc. (NSE) is excited to announce the January 1, 2020 release of Unicorns of the Secret Stable, a magical new 4-book series for early readers ages six to eight. The series, written by Whitney Sanderson and illustrated by Jomike Tejido, introduces Unicorn Guardians and sisters, Ruby and Iris, who share the job of protecting the unicorns of Magic Moon Stable and keeping their magic safe from the outside world.

In Heartsong’s Missing Foal, book one in this new series, Iris is overjoyed when Heartsong goes into the Fairy Forest to deliver a foal. But when the unicorn doesn’t return it’s up to Ruby and Iris to go into the dangerous forest after her.

About Heartsong’s Missing Foal, book one (ISBN: 9781631633928)
Lead Title – Advanced review copy provided.

Iris cannot wait for Heartsong to have her foal. Unicorns go into the Fairy Forest to have their babies, so Iris isn’t surprised when Heartsong goes missing for a few days. Yet when the unicorn does not return, Iris and Ruby have to go in and find her. The Fairy Forest is filled with trickster magic and can be a dangerous place. Can Iris and Ruby find Heartsong and her missing foal before it is too late?

All four books in the series are 72 pages, 5.25” x 7.5” paperback trade originals, priced at $4.99. Additional formats available include reinforced library binding (list: $25.32, school/library: $18.99), multi-user hosted e-book ($23.99), and single-user e-book ($4.99).

Three additional titles will be released simultaneously on January 1, 2020. Digital review copies for these titles available upon request.

Additional Titles
Unicorn Uncovered, book two (ISBN:
Ruby knows it is important to keep the unicorns behind Magic Moon Stable a secret. Her big sister Iris won’t let her forget it! Yet when her friend is injured, Ruby decides to sneak a unicorn, Starfire, into the hospital to cheer her up. Later, Ruby learns that someone took a video of Starfire and posted it online . . . and it is getting lots of views.

Soon newspaper and TV reporters show up at Magic Moon Stables to see Starfire. Can Ruby and Iris protect the unicorn magic? Or will the secret of the Enchanted Realm—and the unicorns—be uncovered?

Stolen Magic, book three (ISBN: 9781631634000)
Sometimes Iris wishes her mom and aunt still remembered that there are unicorns behind Magic Moon Stables. But the women don’t know—or rather, don’t remember—that unicorns exist. So why does their childhood friend Annie know about the unicorns? Not only does Annie know, but she also wants to use Rainbow Mist’s magic . . . and maybe the rest of the herd’s. Can Iris and Ruby protect the unicorn magic before it’s gone forever?

The Red Key, book four (ISBN: 9781631633966)
Ruby’s new classmate, Cole, has a mysterious key. It looks a lot like Ruby’s key to the Magic Gate. Could Cole be a Unicorn Guardian too? But there are bigger problems in the Enchanted Realm. Starsong was stolen by dragons and taken to the Fire Mountains. And when the moon is full, the dragons will feast. Can Ruby and Iris rescue Starsong?

About the Author
Whitney Sanderson grew up riding horses as a member of a 4-H club and competing in local jumping and dressage shows. She has written several books in the Horse Diaries chapter book series. She is also the author of Horse Rescue: Treasure, based on her time volunteering at an equine rescue farm. She lives in Massachusetts.

About the Illustrator
Jomike Tejido is an author and illustrator of the picture book There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Book. He also illustrated the Pet Charms and My Magical Friends leveled reader series. He has fond memories of horseback riding as a kid and has always loved drawing magical creatures. Jomike lives in Manila with his wife, two daughters, and a chow chow named Oso.

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